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Why Build a Smart City?

By 2050, global city populations are expected to nearly double in size.

This rapid growth will incite new challenges as well as perpetuate existing issues, such as traffic congestion, air quality, resource conservation and safety.

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Smart City Use Cases

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Connected Street Lighting

Increase safety, minimize maintenance costs, and reduce energy consumption.

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AMI Utility Metering

Reduce operational costs and optimize energy and water usage.

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Waste Management

Promote cleanliness, reduce traffic, and lower costs and emissions.

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Smart Parking

Modernize, automate, simplify and streamline parking operations.

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Connected Street Lighting

Increase energy efficiency, promote safety, and reduce energy consumption.


  • Increase safety by keeping every street light working
  • Automate maintenance requests with predictive alerts
  • Avoid outages and unlit roadways or pedestrian areas​
  • Automate lighting via custom schedules, motion, ambience, and more

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AMI Utility Metering

Monitor utility consumption and automate alerts to reduce operational costs, optimize usage, and reduce leaks.


  • Easily view meter readings and track consumption tends
  • Automatically shut off water, gas, and electrical meters as needed​
  • Receive temperature readings and identify potential for frozen pipes​
  • Receive alerts if meters are malfunctioning or leaking​

MachineQ Enables Hundreds of Smart City solutions

Adopt low-power, wide-area IoT solutions to modernize communities and transform municipal ecosystems with automated, data-backed capabilities.

Protect, empower, and optimize critical infrastructure with the latest cutting-edge technologies, while gathering valuable, actionable insights to meet today’s needs and prepare for tomorrow’s demands. Scale effortlessly to drive limitless use cases and maximize the value of your investment.

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leak detection


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Outdoor Asset Tracking

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pest control

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Air Quality Monitoring

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smart irrigation

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Waste Management

Reduce traffic, fuel usage, and pollution, while increasing recycling efficiency and promoting city cleanliness.


  • Prioritize collection to reduce traffic, emissions, and costs
  • Monitor waste levels to keep your city cleaner
  • Optimize waste collection routes to reduce fuel usage and pollution
  • Simplify the collection and sorting process to increase recycling efficiency

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Smart Parking

Monitor traffic congestion and pollution, optimize parking revenue, and promote community happiness with smart parking.


  • Accurately monitor available parking​ and direct cars to available spots
  • Monitor parking usage to understand resident and visitor trends​
  • Remotely identify cars parked illegally in metered spots ​
  • Identify spot availability in municipal lots​

Build a Smart City Today

Start building today with an IoT infrastructure that grows with the needs of your community.