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Smart Heating

Radiator Labs

The Cozy™, a heating solution by Radiator labs, is a smart insulating enclosure that is installed over existing radiators.

The Cozy is easy to install and requires no contact with plumbing or steam. In building-wide installations, the system redistributes steam flow, transferring wasted heat from overheated rooms to colder rooms and saving up to 40% in heating costs annually. It also enables tenants in steam-heated buildings to control their own apartment temperature by installing an app for iOS or Android devices. The result is increased tenant comfort and functionality, and reduced energy costs and emissions.

Specifications and Features:

  • Insulated radiator enclosure installed over existing radiators
  • Cool to touch — it can even be used as a shelf
  • Mobile application control gives both property owners and tenants temperature control
  • Save up to 35% in fuel and 40% in heating costs annually
  • Reduced carbon emissions
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