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Water Management


Subeca, formerly known as Seco Sys, provides a flexible end-to-end platform that accommodates the management of any type of water use.

Combining Bluetooth Low Energy and LoRa® wireless technologies our solutions provide the high speed local data needed by the endpoint customer and the long range communications needed by the water supplier. Subeca’s endpoint HydraMeter and HydraLink devices send data to MachineQ™ LoRa® gateways where it is directed to Subeca’s web services for analysis and distribution to water suppliers and their customers.

The powerful combination of the Subeca platform and MachineQ’s IoT platform allows users to execute remote water shut-offs, receive automatic alerts of usage activity, set water conservation goals and ultimately, save water and money.

Features & Specifications

  • Water consumers can control water usage, anytime and from virtually any place in the world
  • Built-in goal-setting empowers consumers to reduce water waste and save money
  • Water usage and leak notifications alert consumers to immediately resolve problems
  • Suppliers can quickly turn water supplies on and off remotely for individual properties, 24/7
  • Dashboards can be customized and shared between water agency departments for information exchange and distribution system analytics
  • Networks can support a variety of other devices to maximize value and ROI

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