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Gain Accurate, Real-Time Visibility Into Asset Location

MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking provides precise, up-to-the-minute visibility into the location of assets – from high-value, static equipment to moveable assets and consumables.

This turnkey solution equips enterprises with the optimal mix of location accuracy, reporting frequency, and battery life with a low TCO. Plus, it includes a dedicated, secure, and scalable IoT network that supports additional IoT use cases to maximize ROI.

How it Works

Enterprise-Wide Efficiency and ROI

Drive efficiencies across your organization with accurate, real-time
asset location data to support diverse roles in your laboratory.

Capital Leaders

Optimize purchasing decisions, decrease maintenance spend, and reduce time spent on cost accounting and physical audits.

Lab Operations

Streamline maintenance and calibration processes, optimize resource utilization, and improve expense management.

Site Operations

Understand the distribution and utilization of assets throughout your facilities and optimize lab space with data-driven decision making.

Supply Managers

Gain automated, real-time visibility into the quantities and locations of lab consumables to reduce spend.

Lab Users and Scientific Staff

Quickly and easily locate lab equipment so you can focus on the critical research and scientific work you do.

MachineQ active asset tags in various form factors

Purpose-Built Tags for Unique Asset Tracking Needs

Choose from a variety of asset tag form factors for dynamic asset tracking needs in life sciences, optimized for high-density, indoor environments.

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Additional Solutions for
Dynamic Use Cases

Gain powerful scalability with MachineQ to address your evolving needs in life sciences. Easily deploy additional IoT solutions leveraging the same infrastructure to maximize your ROI.

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Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Monitor ambient temperature and humidity to ensure optimal conditions for equipment utilization and research viability.​

Water Leak Detection

Protect sensitive lab environments, mitigate risk, and avoid costly damages with spot and zone level leak detection in real-time.

Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring

Track temperatures of ultra-low temperature freezers, vital for ensuring preservation of samples and thermo-sensitive assets.


Gain transparency into room utilization and occupancy levels to optimize equipment distribution, improve space utilization, and inform cleaning schedules.

Integrated, Scalable Architecture for Indoor Asset Tracking


MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking

MachineQ delivers deployment services and all of the hardware, software, and connectivity needed to go-live quickly – simplifying implementation and removing the burden from internal IT teams.

With MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking, life science enterprises can realize immediate ROI, while benefitting from rapid-fire deployment, ongoing assistance including day-two support, and significant cost savings – all under a single investment.

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2.4 GHz Low Energy Asset Tags

Attach MachineQ’s long-life, cost-effective 2.4 GHz low energy asset tags to high-value assets to retrieve location data with sub-room-level accuracy.

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The MachineQ Monitor scans for asset tags in highly dense environments, enabling fast and accurate asset location reporting.

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LoRaWAN Gateways

The MachineQ Area 8c gateway wirelessly captures data from the Monitor and transmits data over Ethernet/Cellular connectivity on an independent, secure network.

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Data Visualization

Use MachineQ's application, MQinsights, to visualize asset location data, provision hardware, and manage floor plans.

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Use MachineQ's APIs to integrate location data into your enterprise applications, including Cisco, IBM, SAP, or other preferred ERPs and CMMS/LIMS.

Deployment Services

Backed by the power of Comcast, MachineQ provides nationwide deployment services for rapid and seamless implementations at scale.

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