Plug-and-Play Gateways

Easily deploy a dedicated LoRaWAN network to power your IoT solutions with MachineQ’s plug-and-play gateways. MachineQ gateways come pre-loaded with the latest firmware and software, for painless onboarding and flexible, secure connectivity that works out of the box.

MachineQ LoRaWAN gateways

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

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MachineQ's Secure Backhaul streamlines gateway deployment while ensuring end-to-end payload security.

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MachineQ gateways support multiple backhaul media with automated failover and payload caching for enterprise-grade reliability.


MachineQ manages over-the-air (OTA) updates, ensuring optimal performance and ongoing security enhancements.


A single MachineQ gateway can support thousands of devices and millions of transmissions per day.


Area 8c Gateway

The MachineQ Area 8c gateway provides optimal coverage and reliable connectivity for small- and large-scale indoor deployments.

Built and tested in-house by our LoRaWAN experts, this 8-channel gateway can process millions of transmissions per day and support up to 10,000 devices.

MachineQ Area 8c LoRaWAN gateway
MachineQ Field 16c outdoor LoRaWAN gateway

Field 16c

The Field 16c outdoor-rated gateway is optimized for localized deployments providing enterprise-grade connectivity.

Supports Power of Ethernet or DC power, full duplex communications, and has twice the channel capacity of an Area 8c gateway.

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Field 64c Gateway

The Field 64c includes all of the outdoor-hardening and software features of the Field 16c with 64 channels of LoRaWAN connectivity.

Optimized to support hundreds of thousands of connected devices through antenna diversity and optimized RF components.

Field 64c LoRaWAN Gateway

Accelerate Your IoT Journey

Whether you’re looking to build a custom solution or leverage our fully integrated IoT platform and best-in-class partner solutions, MachineQ is your trusted partner throughout your journey.