Simplify IoT Network Management

Our feature-rich network management application, MQcentral, makes it easy to connect and manage large fleets of gateways and devices, stream your data to any business application, and manage your deployments at scale – all through a single pane of glass.

MachineQ's MQcentral network management application dashboard

A Single Pane of Glass
for Complete IoT Network Management

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Securely Connect Your Gateways and Devices

Quickly and securely connect your gateways and sensor devices to the MachineQ platform with simple and scalable provisioning tools.

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Stream Your IoT Data to Any Business Application

Securely deliver your IoT data where and when you want it so you can start extracting business value.

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Manage and Monitor Your Network with Ease

Easily deploy a dedicated LoRaWAN® network and manage your IoT deployments with complete control.

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Securely Connect Your Gateways and Sensor Devices

Effortlessly provision hardware – individually or in bulk – through MQcentral's user interface or use our API to integrate gateway and device provisioning into your own application.

MQcentral hardware provisioning

End-to-End Security

The MachineQ platform expands upon the already robust security features native to LoRaWAN with an extra layer of security between the gateway and network server, ensuring the chain of trust is maintained end-to-end.

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MQcentral integrations page
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Easily Stream Your IoT Data to Any Business Application

MQcentral offers simple and flexible options to securely deliver your IoT data to the applications of your choice via MQTT, Webhook, or directly to public cloud platforms such as Azure IoT and AWS IoT.

Simple API Interface

Use the MachineQ API to connect and manage your deployments via your own application.

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Manage and Monitor Your Network with Ease

Manage your IoT deployments, from proof-of-concept to global scale, with simple network management tools.

Key Features:

  • Centralized health dashboard
  • Detailed troubleshooting logs
  • Custom notifications
  • Device visualizations
  • Device & gateway grouping
MQcentral network management portal dashboard

Simplify IoT Management with MQcentral

IoT network management is incredibly complex, especially at scale. Uncomplicate your IoT journey with MQcentral, the critical network management tool you need to simplify, connect and control your IoT deployments at scale.