Accelerate Your IoT Journey

Building and scaling IoT solutions doesn't have to be difficult. The MachineQ platform makes it simple to deploy and manage a dedicated LoRaWAN® network to power your IoT solutions at scale.

LoRaWAN Fills a Critical Gap In the Market

Frictionless Connectivity from Device to Cloud

MachineQ IoT Platform Architecture
MQflex multi-sensor device
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Flexible Options to Fit Your Needs

The MachineQ platform is flexible by design: Bring your own LoRaWAN device, explore our partner ecosystem, or leverage our suite of certified LoRaWAN devices to accelerate your time to market.

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Gain Secure, Reliable Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

Easily deploy a dedicated LoRaWAN network to power your IoT solutions with MachineQ’s plug-and-play gateways. MachineQ gateways come pre-loaded with the latest firmware and software for painless onboarding and flexible, secure connectivity that works out of the box.

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Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure to Power Your IoT Solutions

Backed by the power of Comcast, MachineQ delivers a best-in-class network infrastructure to support your IoT deployments at scale.

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End-to-end Data security

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scalable network infrastructure

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Enterprise-Grade Reliability


Connect and Manage Your IoT Deployments with Ease

We give you the tools you need to connect and manage your IoT deployments at scale, all through a single pane of glass, with our network management portal, MQcentral.

MQcentral network management portal dashboard
MQcentral network management portal integrations

Get Your Data Where and When You Need It

Our prebuilt hook-ins make it easy to securely stream payload data to your end application, whether it’s pushing messages via MQTT or Webhook or connecting directly to cloud services like Azure IoT or AWS IoT Core.

Plus, MachineQ’s robust portfolio of RESTful APIs gives you the ability to connect and manage your IoT deployments via your application.

Harness the Power of LoRaWAN®

LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) has emerged as the de-facto standard for secure, carrier-grade LPWAN connectivity, opening new possibilities in the world of IoT.

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Low Cost

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Low Power

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Long Range

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Deep Coverage

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Standards Based

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Global Ecosystem

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Bring Your IoT Solution to Life

Our fully integrated IoT network platform gives you everything needed to go-live quickly and bring your IoT solution to life.