Nano LP

Ideal for tracking small, handheld assets and equipment, the MachineQ Nano LP is our most sleek 2.4 GHz low energy tag form factor. The cost-effective Nano LP has a wide temperature operating range, slim profile, and is solvent resistant, making it robust and suitable for a variety of environments and industries.

The Nano LP asset tag is a key component of MachineQ's indoor asset tracking solution, which provides real-time insights into asset location and status.

Tech Specs


Multi-protocol 2.4 GHz (low energy)


Battery life: 2+ years

Dimensions & WEIGHT

Weight: 2.0g
Dimensions: L 36.25 mm x W 18.25 mm

x H 3.9 mm


Operating temperature: -10° C to +60° C Basic cleaning & solvent resistant

IP65 rating


FCC part 15 certified


Flexible mounting options (double sided Adhesive & epoxy)


1 year standard

The MachineQ IoT Network
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Designed for Ease

MachineQ’s fully integrated platform is a single IoT network solution with plug-and-play architecture, simple network management tools, and easy-to-use integrations to accelerate your IoT innovation.

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With over-the-air gateway upgrades, customizable network health alerts, and remote diagnostics,  MachineQ provides the most advanced network management tools, ensuring secure, reliable connectivity.

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Combining dynamic scaling, streamlined provisioning, gateways that can connect 10,000 devices, and 360-degree network health monitoring, the MachineQ platform can scale solutions without capacity issues.

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