In the past decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved at an unprecedented pace. Enterprises of all shapes, sizes, and industries benefit from IoT solutions that drive productivity, enhance operations, promote cost savings, and automate workflows with intelligent, data-backed capabilities.

To analyze and explore the technology preferences, requirements, and challenges respective to IoT deployments, Omdia surveyed 200+ decision makers across North America. While each industry has varying needs, goals, and desires, survey data showcases universal demands for three key components, among other compelling themes.  


Past, present, and future – varying stages of enterprises in IoT adoption journeys

Roadblocks, opportunities, and challenges in IoT solution deployment

Misalignment of expectations and reality in ideation, scope, and execution of IoT projects

Perceived use, preferences, and projections concerning LoRaWAN® and other prevailing IoT technologies

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