Gain Accurate, Real-Time Visibility Into Asset Location

MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking gives you precise, real-time visibility into the location of inventory, equipment, and movable assets — at a fraction of the cost of legacy RFID solutions.

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A Unique Pairing of LoRaWAN® and 2.4 GHz Low Energy

Pairing LoRaWAN and 2.4 GHz low energy wireless technologies, MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking provides an optimal mix of real-time location and sub-room level accuracy, long asset tag battery life, and overall cost-effectiveness.

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3 meter

Location accuracy

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10 year

Asset tag battery life

Transform Operations with Proven Innovation

Locate and Monitor Inventory and High-Value Assets

Maintain an accurate view of the location of high-value inventory, equipment, and movable assets.

Optimize Equipment Utilization

Reduce the misplacement of frequently used and shared assets so your enterprise can leverage what you have available.

Maximize Staff Productivity

Eliminate the need for staff to scan or manually search for critical assets, improve inefficiencies, automate workflows, and maximize productivity.

Reduce Capital Expenditures

Track assets more effectively, lower the cost of unnecessary repurchasing of goods, and improve your bottom line.

Optimize Equipment Lifecycle Maintenance

Streamline the process of maintenance and calibration by knowing exactly where equipment is in real-time.

Centralize Data

Digitize location data of indoor assets and consolidate this data by using our application and seamless integrations to ERP systems.

Integrated, Scalable Architecture for Indoor Asset Tracking


MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking

MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking is a scalable, end-to-end indoor asset tracking solution that delivers everything needed to go-live quickly: Rapid-fire deployment services, hardware, software, connectivity, and maintenance - including day-two support.

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Low Energy Asset Tags

Attach MachineQ’s long-life, cost-effective 2.4 GHz low energy asset tags to high-value assets to retrieve location data with sub-room-level accuracy.

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The MachineQ Monitor scans for asset tags in highly dense environments, enabling fast and accurate asset location reporting.

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LoRaWAN Gateways

The MachineQ Area 8c gateway wirelessly captures data from the Monitor and transmits data over Ethernet/Cellular connectivity on an independent, secure network.

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Data Visualization

Use MachineQ's application, MQinsights, to visualize asset location data, provision hardware, and manage floor plans.

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Use MachineQ's APIs to integrate location data into your enterprise applications, including Cisco, IBM, SAP, or other preferred ERPs and CMMS/LIMS.

Deployment Services

Backed by the power of Comcast, MachineQ provides nationwide deployment services for rapid and seamless implementations at scale.

Serving Dynamic Industries

MachineQ serves a broad range of dynamic industries to meet unique indoor asset tracking needs.

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Life Sciences

MachineQ delivers visibility into high-value, portable lab assets with a simple, scalable end-to-end solution at a more affordable cost than RFID and manual processes. Get real-time, accurate location insights, save time, streamline workflows and calibration schedules, and avoid replacement costs.

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MachineQ empowers medical facilities with total asset transparency needed to track and manage equipment in real-time, while prioritizing security with a solution that circumvents the hospital’s corporate, on-premise Wi-Fi network. Promote better use of resources and time, automate workflows, maintain compliance, and realize substantial cost savings.

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MachineQ helps manufacturing companies locate indoor inventory, equipment, machinery, and movable parts in plants of all sizes. Gain real-time insights into mission critical assets while boosting productivity, optimizing processes, and helping maintain quality assurance with a scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

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