Power Limitless IoT Use Cases with Unparalleled Scalability

Meet evolving needs and goals in the foodservice industry with scalable IoT solutions designed to empower staff, maximize time, and promote the availability of resources.

Monitor and track temperatures in refrigerators and freezers, receiving real-time alerts if temperatures deviate from preset thresholds.

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Control energy costs and consumption via remotely programmable smart thermostats that provide real-time and historical data insights and enable HVAC schedule optimization.

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Enhance power management by intelligently monitoring equipment-level power consumption and remotely controlling power to connected equipment.

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Efficiently manage your restaurant’s utility consumption with real-time monitoring, alerting and predictive analytics via easily retrofittable devices.

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Extract data from unconnected equipment to reduce downtime, energy usage, and costs, while enhancing utilization, food safety, and quality.

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Enhance customer experiences and boost staff productivity with connected hygiene product dispensers, customer feedback buttons, and more.

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Monitor and streamline waste collection and enable remote management of custodial processes with real-time, automated fill alerts.

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Gain remote visibility into stock deliveries and inventory levels and receive real-time replenishment alerts to mitigate stockouts.

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Automate Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Automatically track and log temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other cold storage units and receive real-time alerts if temperatures fall outside of predetermined thresholds.


  • Enhance food safety and quality assurance
  • Automate and streamline compliance reporting
  • Improve labor productivity and save staff time to focus on customers
  • Mitigate costly food spoilage and loss

A refrigerator with alerts indicating current temps are out of range
A smart thermostat with current temperature settings and historical data

Remotely Optimize and Regulate HVAC Systems

Intelligently manage heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems via remote access and automated controls with smart, retrofittable thermostats compatible with your equipment.


  • Optimize energy use while ensuring occupant comfort with customized heating and cooling schedules based on business hours, seasonal changes, or occupancy trends
  • Ensure temperature settings remain consistent with operational standards and energy efficiency goals
  • Prevent excessive energy consumption by encouraging standardized practices to avoid unnecessary temperature changes

Remotely Monitor and Control Power Use

Enhance power management by intelligently monitoring equipment-level power consumption and remotely controlling power to connected equipment.


  • Ensure continuity for mission critical assets and processes
  • Reduce utility consumption and cost for power intensive or long run-time assets
  • Streamline ESG goal tracking with automated trend data
  • Leverage historical data to identify inefficiencies and inform strategic energy-saving measures
  • Proactively anticipate equipment maintenance and servicing needs

A kitchen stove/cooktop with CT clamp data and historical power monitoring metrics.
An air conditioning unit and accompanying IoT data indicating average energy use with alert noting an increase in usage.

Drive Smart Utility Monitoring

Effortlessly manage your restaurant facilities with real-time utility monitoring with real-time alerting and predictive analytics.


  • Reduce utility consumption and costs
  • Achieve, measure, and quantify progress towards achieving sustainability and ESG goals with granular usage data
  • Increase equipment uptime and prevent business disruptions
  • Reduce labor and costs associated with meter inspections
  • Increase green branding and promotional opportunities

Convert Unconnected Equipment into Smart Appliances

Remotely extract intelligence from non-connected equipment, such as fryers, dishwashers, and ovens, and receive real-time alerts if anomalies are detected, providing enhanced visibility into restaurant operations and key performance indicators.


  • Reduce equipment downtime and business disruptions
  • Automate manual equipment checks and compliance reporting
  • Optimize equipment utilization
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Extend equipment lifetime
  • Enhance food safety and quality

A fryer tank with IoT alerts noting current oil quality level and  time of last filter change..
4)	Smart restroom with sensor-operated faucets and dispensers with alerts indicating restocking needs and positive customer feedback data.

Create Modern, Smart, Connected Restrooms

Ensure clean, well-stocked, functioning restroom facilities with a suite of smart restroom solutions including connected hygiene product dispensers, flush valves, customer feedback buttons, and privacy-centric occupancy monitoring, all with real-time alerts to drive more informed and efficient cleaning schedules.


  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Promote hygiene, while building customer trust and confidence
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Reduce waste and achieve sustainability goals
  • Ensure compliance with public health code related to safe food handling, hand-washing processes, and requirements for readily-available soap and paper towels at hand-washing stations

Automate Waste-Fill Level Monitoring

Remotely monitor waste-fill levels and receive automated fill alerts when bins require attention.


  • Ensure peak cleanliness by preventing unsightly trash overflow
  • Streamline the waste collection processes and enhance custodial processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Drive sustainability with needs-based waste collection

A trash can with an alert indicating that it  is 99% full and needs emptying.
A storage shelf with notifications displaying inventory status, weight, location, and arrival time.

Intelligently Monitor and Manage Inventory

More effectively track and manage inventory with a wide range of asset tracking and sensing capabilities with real-time stock insights and alerts.


  • Streamline restaurant operations and increase labor productivity by automating manual inventory tracking tasks
  • Proactively mitigate shortages and stockouts with real-time stock and delivery alerts
  • Optimize inventory levels to minimize waste and maximize the shelf life of perishable items
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring consistently available menu items


Meet Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Demands

Solve for today’s challenges with powerful scalability to prepare for whatever the future may hold with our robust portfolio of dynamic IoT solutions.

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