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Meet evolving needs and diverse requirements by digitizing life sciences ecosystems - maximizing productivity, streamlining operations, mitigating risk, and saving on costs.

People working in an IoT-powered smart laboratory.

Power Limitless IoT Use Cases with Unparalleled Scalability

Meet today's needs and tomorrow's demands with an IoT platform designed to scale effortlessly - maximizing your investment value and ROI.

Streamline your operations, maximize staff productivity, and reduce capital expenditures with real-time visibility into asset quantities and locations.

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Gain transparency into room occupancy to optimize space utilization and equipment distribution.

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Maximize equipment utilization and make informed purchasing decisions with real-time usage metrics.

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Achieve peak custodial efficiency and sustainability with a suite of connected restroom solutions.

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Protect sensitive lab environments, mitigate risk, and avoid costly damages with proactive water leak detection.

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Track temperatures of refrigerators and ultra-low temperature freezers to protect thermo-sensitive assets.

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Monitor ambient temperature and humidity to create optimal conditions for equipment utilization and research.

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Enable continuous pest monitoring with smart rodent traps, providing real-time alerts for immediate handing.

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Enterprise-Wide Efficiency and ROI

Drive efficiencies across your organization with powerful, real-time
data to support diverse roles in your laboratory.

Capital Leaders

“RTLS data helps us improve purchasing decisions, cut maintenance spend, and save time on cost accounting and physical audits.”

Lab Operations

“Real-time data enables us to streamline maintenance and calibration processes, optimize resource availability and utilization, and improve expense management.”

Site Operations

“Improving asset distribution and utilization along with relocating underused assets helps us optimize our lab space, save money, and promote data-driven decision making.”

Supply Managers

“Automating manual chemical audits and tracking shelf lives and expiry dates helps us to reduce spend.”

Lab Users and Scientific Staff

“The ability to quickly and easily locate lab equipment allows us to focus on critical research and science.”

Track and Manage Assets with RTLS

Gain precise, up-to-the-minute visibility into the location of assets – from high-value, static equipment to moveable assets and consumables – with a Real-time Location System (RTLS).


  • Drive data-driven purchasing, cut consumables spend, and simplify cost accounting/auditing
  • Streamline maintenance and calibration processes, improve resource availability, and optimize maintenance spend
  • Optimize lab space with data-backed transparency into asset location and utilization
  • Enable efficient asset location, maximizing time on research and development tasks
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Interior of a laboratory showing workbenches, tools, cabinets, and other equipment.
A scientist standing next to a biosafety cabinet, with text displaying "Presence detected,” and occupancy data.

Optimize Space Utilization

Gain transparency into room utilization and occupancy levels with privacy-centric people counting, occupancy, and presence sensors.


  • Understand facility usage and traffic patterns to inform capacity planning  
  • Optimize space and equipment distribution based on historical occupancy data
  • Understand utilization variables like the dwell time in front of assets to optimize space and asset utilization
  • Improve custodial efficiency by using occupancy data for needs-based cleaning

Maximize Asset Utilization

Understand the utilization and availability of critical assets across your facilities through real-time vibration monitoring and presence detection with simple, non-invasive install.


  • Understand utilization trends by asset and type, enabling data-driven decision making
  • Identify underutilized equipment that can be reallocated or decommissioned  
  • Optimize maintenance schedules and service contracts based on precise usage data (e.g., number of minutes daily, number of minutes monthly, or number of days per month)
Data showing a centrifuge actively in use along with location and utilization data.
Smart restroom with sensor-operated faucets and dispensers with alerts indicating restocking needs and positive customer feedback data.

Create Modern, Smart, Connected Restrooms

Deliver powerful automation with connected dispensers for sanitary supplies, along with occupancy sensors, feedback buttons, and connected flush valves and faucets.


  • Create positive employee experiences that help retain talent by ensuring clean, well-stocked, functioning restroom facilities
  • Enhance cleaning efficiency by using occupancy data for needs-based cleaning
  • Improve custodial productivity with real-time alerts when bathrooms require cleaning, restocking or repairs
  • Achieve cost savings and sustainability goals by reducing water consumption andz waste

Safeguard Facilities with Proactive Water Leak Detection

Proactively monitor for water leaks across your facilities and receive real-time alerts pinpointing the exact location of the detected leak, enabling prompt intervention.


  • Protect valuable lab equipment, samples, and materials while preserving experiment integrity and validity
  • Minimize disruptions and downtime caused by water damage
  • Prevent mold growth from compromising indoor air quality and sterility
  • Increase personnel safety by minimizing the risk of slip related accidents or injuries
  • Drive cost savings and sustainability by preventing unnecessary water consumption
A man in a laboratory where an alert indicates the location of an active leak.
ULT freezer with real-time alert indicating temperature out of range.

Automate Cold Storage Temperature  Monitoring

Track temperatures in refrigerators and ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers, and receive real-time alerts if temperatures deviate from the acceptable ranges.


  • Ensure preservation of samples, reagents, and other thermo-sensitive assets
  • Automatically capture and log temperature data to streamline compliance reporting
  • Detect issues early to mitigate downtime and reduce the risk of sample loss or damage
  • Receive real-time alerts if temperatures exceed predetermined thresholds, providing the confidence to increase ULT freezer temperatures to drive cost savings

Monitor Ambient Temperature and Humidity Levels

Continuously monitor ambient temperature and humidity conditions, enabling early anomaly detection and proactive remediation.


  • Ensure optimal environmental conditions for equipment performance
  • Control sources of variability in laboratories to promote research viability, data reproducibility, and research continuity
  • Ensure stable laboratory conditions for quality control and employee safety
A man working at his desk in a laboratory with an alert indicating the ambient temperature is out of range.
An alert indicates a rodent trap has been activated where a man is working inside of a server room.

Mitigate Risk with Connected Pest Control

Enable continuous, remote pest monitoring with smart rodent traps, providing real-time alerts for immediate handing.


  • Avoid costly operational disruptions, downtime, and property damage  
  • Save time and costs associated with traditional trap maintenance
  • Promote humane, environmentally sensitive capture methods and maintain compliance with rodenticide laws  
  • Improve employee experiences by managing pests and reducing exposure to health risks associated with rodent infestations

Meet Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Demands

Solve for today’s challenges with powerful scalability to prepare for whatever the future may hold with our robust portfolio of dynamic IoT solutions.

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