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How to Manage the “I” of IoT

How to Manage the “I” of IoT

MachineQ is excited to highlight the latest features of MQcentral, offering customers even more detailed insight into their network and hardware performance.

When we talk about IoT, we often focus on the smart devices and easy-to-use applications that help solve customers’ problems. One piece that’s often glossed over, but is critical to any IoT solution, is how you connect your sensors to the internet. Whether your sensors communicate via LoRa, Zigbee, BLE, or Wi-Fi, the gateway connecting these devices to the Internet is crucial to the overall success of your product.

MachineQ understands that offering best-in-class gateways is not enough – in order to scale, you must have a corresponding software solution to manage your fleet of both devices and gateways. We recently pushed an upgrade to our gateways to make them smarter, sending more detailed data to our platform and giving our customers more insight into their network.

MQcentral, our management portal, has also been updated to include an enhanced dashboard, giving users a summary snapshot of their gateways’ connectivity and location.

On the Gateway list screen, we’ve included the Connection Status, allowing you to quickly scan the health of each gateway. Filters have also been included in the navigation for both the gateway and devices lists to quickly pinpoint poorly performing hardware.

Our Gateway Entity’s health section has been updated to more clearly show how the Gateway’s LoRa packet forwarder, network server connectivity, and internet backhaul media types are performing.

For more information on our MachineQ product suite, head to If you have any feedback or feature requests for MQcentral, please contact us.

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