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Introducing the MQcentral October 2019 Release

Introducing the MQcentral October 2019 Release

Integrating with MachineQ is easier than ever with our latest MQcentral update.

The MQcentral Output Profile page is core to how data is sent to your applications. Based on customer feedback, we’ve focused on making this experience simpler and more intuitive, with an improved user interface and additional features.

When adding an Output Profile, you can now select which devices should be added in real-time, including the ability to select “All Devices.” Our Output Profiles include the ability to connect via Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, MQTT, or Webhook (previously referred to as REST).

The Output Profile screen has been revamped, making it easier to view all of the end-destinations you’ve set up for each Output Profile. For instance, you can rename, add, or edit which devices are associated with each Output Profile. Additionally, you can edit the destination(s) or pause the data flowing through the system.

We also offer detailed tutorials on how to integrate with your favorite applications:

This release includes several additional changes and fixes. We addressed some corner-cases when signing into the app, created a more friendly first-time user experience, and improved our view for decoded MAC commands in the Log Stream.

We’ve also incorporated a right-click option into your Devices and Gateways List pages to make troubleshooting easier. By right clicking the Details button, you can open separate tabs and click through to compare multiple devices at a time.

For more details about this update, please see the release note.

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