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IoT Solutions to Tackle Everyday Restaurant Challenges
Food Services

IoT Solutions to Tackle Everyday Restaurant Challenges

The restaurant space is rapidly evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities. There is a growing emphasis on freshness, food safety, and automation.

At the same time, customers are looking for new features like mobile ordering and delivery. By leveraging IoT and LoRa®, you can rise to meet all these needs and open new avenues of business.

Last month, the MachineQ team, along with our partner OpSense, went to FSTEC, the leading restaurant technology conference, to talk about how emerging applications of IoT are improving restaurant operations.

MachineQ’s hardware and connectivity paired with the OpSense software provides those in Food Safety and Operations an end-to-end solution for temperature monitoring throughout their facility. Our multi-use MQflex devices are able to penetrate through dense materials in walk-in refrigeration units and freezers, ensuring the accuracy of temperature data and avoiding pencil-whipped paper logs. Store managers and others can receive alerts when temperatures are outside predefined thresholds, ensuring compliance and preempting costly food spoilage.

Our customer conversations expanded beyond just temperature monitoring. For example, we learned that smoking meat can take 12+ hours and that smokers are often operating overnight when there is no staff present. What happens if the smoker loses power?

By using CT clamp sensors, restaurants can gain a live understanding of the power going into their electric smokers. If something goes wrong, users can receive instant alerts and take action to ensure high-quality food is not wasted. These same CT clamps can also be used in conjunction with temperature sensors to optimize HVAC usage, lowering utility costs and ensuring customer comfort.

The solutions, like the challenges, are endless. With MachineQ’s integrated hardware and software, restaurants can optimize their operations and scale into additional solutions for leak detection, people counting, pest control, and many more, all on one platform. Contact us today to learn more.

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