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MQcentral: Making IoT Management a Cinch

MQcentral: Making IoT Management a Cinch

Our customers asked, and we’ve answered: MQcentral now delivers improved structural support, a refreshed user interface, and enhanced metrics and health dashboards.

The MachineQ team is very excited to announce some upcoming features and enhancements of our MQcentral management portal. We reached out to our customers and gained invaluable feedback regarding how they use MQcentral and what improvements they would like to see in the coming months. In order to bring these key developments to customers faster, we’ve been rolling out iterative releases that focus on improved structural support, a refreshed user interface, and enhanced metrics and health dashboards. These tools will give our customers a one-stop shop to resolve issues and go to market faster.

MQcentral focuses on providing our solution providers with easy ways to provision and troubleshoot their prototypes. With focused customer feedback, we built upon these two main components to offer a feature set that gives our users easier visibility into the health of their device fleet and gateways. One of the ways we’re bringing this functionality is through a redesigned MQcentral dashboard. In the demonstrations below, you’ll notice our dashboard focuses on giving users better clarity into their device and gateway health.

Below is a list of our recent updates as well as a sneak peek of some of the upcoming features you can expect to see rolled out in the upcoming weeks.

  • Structural Support: These backend changes will provide better performance, security, and easier adaptability for future features.
  • User Interface Refresh: Our updated UI components provide a cohesive experience within our MachineQ product suite as well as improved mobile responsiveness. We’ve also simplified Log Stream to provide easy to read color statuses on the device to gateway connectivity health.
  • Redesign features: We’re providing a new health dashboard with improved metrics as well as detailed entity pages to troubleshoot and diagnose poor-performing devices or gateways.

New Health Dashboard

New Device Entity View

New Gateway Entity View

We continue to strive to deliver a seamless onboarding experience that enables our customers to manage their device and gateway health. Beyond this initial set of updates, the team is working on improved alerting, navigation, and an updated First Time User Experience.

If there are any features that you would like to see included as part of our redesign effort, please contact us.

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