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Reimagining the Possible with the MachineQ Engineering Team

Reimagining the Possible with the MachineQ Engineering Team

National Engineers Week, founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers, is dedicated to increasing the understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers with the goal of attracting a diverse and well-educated engineering workforce of the future.

This year, National Engineers Week runs from February 20-26. In observation of this week, themed, “Reimagining the Possible,” MachineQ is celebrating the work of our engineering team—without whom the functionality, reliability, and performance of our platform, gateways, and devices wouldn’t be possible.

Meet Our Team

Our engineering team, led by Gaurav Naik, is comprised of four key focus areas—the MQcentral team, the gateway team, the Enterprise Asset Management team, and the infrastructure team. The teams operate in a fast-paced, agile environment, supporting an engineering culture where technical innovation is balanced with predictable delivery and operational excellence.

MQcentral Team

The MQcentral team is a customer-facing product development team responsible for making sure that the MachineQ IoT connectivity platform works and meets the needs of our customers.  The team is accountable for our customer-facing APIs, UI, and the supporting backend applications that drive our award-winning IoT platform.

Gateway Team

This team is responsible for developing, testing, and certifying new software and firmware for our plug-and-play class-leading IoT gateways. The team builds our internal gateway management tools and specifies the processes that our technical operations team uses to support our growing fleet of gateways.  

Enterprise Asset Management Team

The Enterprise Asset Management team is responsible for specifying, developing, testing, and delivering our award-winning end-to-end enterprise asset management solution. They build the hardware, firmware, backend software, and UI that drive our fully integrated IoT solutions.  

Infrastructure Team

Our infrastructure team is responsible for maintaining the scalable cloud infrastructure that powers our platform and solutions. They proactively manage and monitor for potential issues that could impact customers across our infrastructure and address them early on so that customers aren’t negatively affected.  

Program Management

The Program Management function is responsible for orchestrating the execution of each team’s project plans. From intake processes to ensuring deliverables are met, Program Management is at the heart of making sure that the Engineering group is as agile, focused, aligned, and transparent as possible to deliver results.

This week, we celebrate all those in engineering. But to our engineers, in particular, thank you for your hard work and dedication every day. Our engineering team is always growing – if you are interested in joining an innovative team that is pushing the limits of IoT, please contact us! And join us all week long as we feature a member of our Engineering Group on our social media channels.

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