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Simplifying Wireless IoT Gateway Deployment With Secure Backhaul

Simplifying Wireless IoT Gateway Deployment With Secure Backhaul

While the LoRaWAN communication protocol provides AES-128 encryption of the data payload from the device through to the application, MachineQ goes a step beyond to provide secure backhaul transport between the gateway and the network server.

Typically, when looking to add a new piece of equipment to a corporate network, there is an onerous process that IT security must undertake.  Approval must be given, firewall and port settings have to be updated, and exceptions must be made for the new route of Internet traffic. This can take weeks or months depending on the software and bureaucracy. Your wireless IoT gateway is the lifeblood of your enterprise IoT deployment. Without it, and awareness of its health, your enterprise IoT deployment can quickly become crippled.

Security, however, is a primary concern for every business in the modern age, especially when trying to integrate multiple devices into the same network. Running an enterprise-grade network requires a great deal of labor and every exception added represents a potential point of weakness.  With this in mind, MachineQ is providing best-in-class security along with streamlined setup for our gateways with Secure Backhaul.

MachineQ’s Secure Backhaul (SBH) streamlines enterprise wireless IoT gateway deployment while offering best-in-class security. We ensure that your mission-critical enterprise IoT sensors payloads are secure, end-to-end.

With Secure Backhaul, we direct all traffic from your MachineQ gateways through a single, commonly-used and well-known Internet Protocol port. Since this port is open by default on most corporate networks, there are no additional steps needed to enable Ethernet or WiFi backhaul with MachineQ gateways. This provides added security since your data appears as standard HTTPS traffic and is protected from sniffer and network observer exploits that leave networks vulnerable to attacks. Without this added security, hackers can use these weaknesses to glean information about how the network is built, where data flows, and what endpoints exist.

With Secure Backhaul, you can just plug in your gateways and go without needing to reconfigure firewalls or change configurations. Combined with the security already in place between the sensors and gateways, we can provide you with complete end-to-end security for your LoRaWAN® networks.

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