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Three Ways MQcentral Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Three Ways MQcentral Just Got a Whole Lot Better

The latest release of MQcentral, our gateway and device health management portal, introduces several new features to help you make the most of our platform.

MQcentral has always been focused on providing the right tools to allow users to understand their network and prototype their solutions. With our June release, we’ve targeted a few key points to help our users go to market faster.

1. Streamlined device provisioning – To make onboarding quicker and easier to understand, we’ve moved a number of fields to an Advanced Settings section. Devices will be provisioned by default with the following information, though we continue to offer the flexibility to change to your preferred LoRa version, class, etc.

  • LoRa Version: 1.0.1
  • LoRa Class: A
  • Region: FCC
  • Maximum Transmit Power: 20 dBm

2. Understanding Packet Error Rates – At the end of the day, ensuring you’ve received your device’s data packets is the most critical aspect of delivering your solution. With that in mind, we’ve added a new Missing Packets feature that clearly outlines if any data packets sent from the device were not received by the network server.  

If you see a device with a poor health status in MQcentral, this is because the Packet Error Rate (PER) is over 10%. To troubleshoot, you can use the Device Detail’s Log Stream section to figure out which frame counts are missing. Rather than having to carefully scan these logs, we’ve provided an easier way to find the missing records.  

Click on the exclamation point to sort your packets by F count. You’ll see that “Missing Packets” records appear to help you quickly identify which packets are missing.  

3. More granular visualization – To assist with prototyping, we wanted to make sure you could visualize your data quickly. We’ve added a Time Interval field to our Sensor Data and Visualization pages so that you graph your data in either an hourly or minute span.  

Click here for the full list of updates coming with our June release. If you have any MQcentral feedback or feature requests, please send us an email at  

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