MachineQ Magnetic Mounting Bracket accessory for the MQflex Multi-Sensor Device

MQflex Magnetic Mounting Bracket

The MQflex Magnetic Mounting Bracket is an optional accessory for the MQflex 4s and MQflex 9s devices that easily mounts to magnetic surfaces, such as the inside of a refrigerator or freezer. The bracket securely holds the device in place, with a durable design to withstand daily activity, reducing the risk of dislocation or misplacement.

The device can be effortlessly snapped into or out of the bracket as needed, making installation simple and instantaneous. For additional reinforcement, or, if no magnetic surfaces are available, the bracket features a loop that can be affixed with a stainless steel ball chain (not included), which can be used to attach the device to a rack, shelving unit, or other structure.

  • UL listed
  • FDA approved plastics
  • Perpendicular holding force: 12 lbs

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