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Occupancy Monitoring


4SITE by CORT helps businesses understand how their office space is being used to make better real estate decisions, optimize costs and workspace usage, monitor worker proximity, and sanitize areas with the greatest impact on safety.

4SITE by CORT, A Berkshire Hathaway Company empowers you to collect actionable information and make smarter, data-driven decisions about your workplace. Powered by the MachineQ platform, 4SITE sensors capture and transmit motion data without cameras or personal identifiable information, protecting the privacy of your workforce. The motion data is processed using 4SITE algorithms and displayed through a web-based dashboard. With the option between two service levels – 4SITE and 4SITE PRO – you will have access to all the data you need to make confident decisions about your workplace.

Lease Expiration and Restructuring

Remote work and the hybrid workforce are variables that require new approaches. Many businesses are re-evaluating their future real estate needs and restructuring leases – even as future utilization of dedicated workspace remains uncertain. 4SITE provides clear insights into space utilization, helping you:

  • Make more informed real estate and leasing decisions to optimize costs
  • Gain insights needed to determine the right amount and mix of space for your future workplace
  • Justify long-term office space expenses

Space Optimization

With more employees working remotely full or part time, many companies need less dedicated workspace. Others need more diverse types of work areas that work for evolving workflows. 4SITE empowers companies to make data-driven decisions about how to optimize their use of space – for example, by:

  • Flexing workspace configurations as workflows change and workers find a “new normal” in how they use space
  • Uncovering new options such as splitting up a packed central office, shrinking your real estate footprint, or transitioning to a boutique space
  • Supporting employees when they can’t work from home by converting open workspaces
  • Reconfigure shared spaces to allow employees to connect, collaborate and socialize safely

Proximity and Sanitation

Today, safety is a top concern for employees – especially those returning to office space. Give your workforce peace of mind by using 4SITE’s sensor data to:

  • Monitor for social distancing protocols
  • Quickly and accurately contact trace
  • Inform policies limiting the number of staff in the office
  • Make sanitization decisions based on actual usage, which increases employee safety, reduces cleaning costs, improves air quality and more
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