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Leak Detection

Eddy Solutions

Eddy Solutions provides smart, connected leak protection that mitigates and protects against water damage with real-time data and control.

Powered by the MachineQ platform, Eddy Solutions provides intelligent water management tools that empower property owners, managers, tenants and residents to proactively identify issues, monitor usage and mitigate water damage.  

Intelligent Water Leak Protection

Eddy Solutions’ comprehensive suite of smart water monitoring devices – including water leak sensors, flow monitoring devices, and shutoff valves – enables customers to continuously monitor water environments and provide automatic and remote shutoff when necessary. Combining behavioral learning, real-time alerts, and a comprehensive dashboard, Eddy Solutions empowers customers with greater control and transparency on consumption, risk mitigation, and preventative maintenance.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Gain real-time visibility into water flow, temperature, and humidity to understand usage trends and manage consumption.
  • Instant Notifications: Receive real-time alerts when anomalies are detected and proactively respond to system vulnerabilities.
  • Shutoff Valves: Stop water leaks before they cause costly damage with automatic and remote shutoff valves.
  • Behavioral Learning: Understand consumption, track usage trends, and set baselines for different pipes to more intelligently detect anomalies.
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure: Integrate Eddy Solutions with your existing project automation and management systems allowing for seamless operations and business flow.

Retail & Food Service

In retail settings, individual and aggregate data is imperative in understanding over-usage and opportunities for efficiencies. Some of the biggest water losses occur in appliance failures, particularly in retail locations that use water at a higher frequency than other locations, such as quick service restaurants (QSRs). By providing data to understand overall water usage patterns, Eddy Solutions not only reduces operating costs, but also helps with ongoing sustainability initiatives.


  • Reduce insurance costs by 5-15% depending on the carrier
  • Reduce water consumption and associated costs
  • Minimize business interruption and downtime caused by water damage
  • Prevent catastrophic water damage and costly repairs

Multi-Family & Commercial Building Solutions

Eddy Solutions offers comprehensive water leak protection – covering the main feed/zones, boiler/closed loop lines, risers, common areas, and in-suite – avoiding business interruptions, costly damage, and tenant disruption. Eddy’s suite of smart water monitoring solutions can be used during construction and then turned over to building owners, property managers, and tenants who can continue to rely on Eddy as their water management solution for their buildings.


  • Avoid catastrophic property damage and degradation of infrastructure
  • Avoid business disruption and resident/tenant displacement
  • Reduce maintenance and inspection time on property management services
  • Mitigate environmental hazards
  • Reduce insurance claims and costs
  • Avoid construction delays and rework costs
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