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Workforce Safety & Optimization transforms sensor data into actionable insights that help organizations optimize workspaces, improve labor productivity, and protect the health and safety of employees.’s low-power, wireless sensors automatically track the location of workers and assets within 6” of accuracy and transmit data every 52 seconds. Using AI-driven analytics, helps customers track productivity, health, and safety KPIs with its cloud-based OnTarget software. A mobile app provides a single interface for real-time project management in the field, and features notifications to help project managers stay up to date on critical activities and safety incidents.

COVID-19 Response Solution’s COVID-19 response solution helps organizations maintain safe workplaces, comply with OSHA and CDC guidelines, and protect the health and safety of their workforce. Combining low-power, wireless sensors and predictive analytics, equips organizations with the tools they need to safely return to work and operate in the new normal.

Key Features

  • Proximity Alerts: Wearable smart badges automatically track employee location and trigger alerts if badged individuals come within 6 feet of one another, helping to enforce social distancing guidelines.
  • Contact Tracing: Close-proximity interactions are captured in self-service contact tracing reports, making it easy to back-trace and notify exposed individuals if a COVID-19 case is detected.
  • Density Thresholds: Establish density thresholds to ensure safe occupancy levels throughout a workspace and receive real-time alerts if thresholds are exceeded.
  • Smart Scheduling: Lean planning tools make it easy to stagger shifts and optimize schedules by workspace and team to avoid high-risk exposure and maintain business continuity.

Smart Construction Solution

By collecting real-time data from job sites and analyzing it against historical data using artificial intelligence, delivers predictive analytics that empower construction companies to minimize risks associated with project delays, operational inefficiencies, and worker safety.

Key Features

  • Automated Timesheets: Automatically clock when workers enter or leave a jobsite, eliminating double data entry and tedious administrative tasks.
  • Real-time Resource Monitoring:Track and monitor the real-time location of workers and assets.
  • Worker Safety Alerts:Receive immediate text alerts if a worker falls or is injured, enabling immediate rescue to the precise incident location.
  • Labor Optimization Tools: Track and monitor the real-time location of workers and compare work hours with planned hours and progress to optimize productivity.
  • Cloud-based Collaboration: Increase accountability and reduce waste with a mobile app that enables trade-level collaboration.
  • Predictive Analytics: Mitigate risks by detecting and proactively addressing early warning signs of project delays, cost overruns, and out-of-sequence activities.

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