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Energy Management

Logical Buildings

Logical Buildings is a leading smart building solution provider that empowers multifamily and commercial real estate companies to reduce energy and operating costs, achieve ESG sustainability goals, and improve tenant comfort.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), Logical Buildings’ Smartkit AI™ Smart Building solution collects and analyzes property-specific data to uncover and convert energy-saving opportunities into high net operating income and net asset values for buildings.

The Smartkit AI cloud platform integrates with existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and supports a variety of IoT devices, enabling managers to monitor every aspect of their building, including thermostats, air quality, exhaust fans, gauges, door locks, cogeneration meters, water meters and leak detection, pressure valves, HVAC systems, solar, battery storage, EV charging stations and more.

By integrating real-time, property-specific sensor data with external grid event data, such as demand response and other time-of-use price indicators, Smartkit AI enables building managers to take control of their energy consumption and make data-driven decisions around property management and building operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize revenue from demand response programs and achieve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability goals through digitally guided actions to reduce consumption during key peak-cost time periods.
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs with insight into what devices and equipment have the most significant impact on energy, water, and carbon usage.
  • Optimize maintenance schedules and prolong equipment life with remote equipment monitoring and real-time fault detection alerts.
  • Improve tenant comfort while containing costs by automating heating and cooling functionality based on real-time environmental conditions.
  • Ensure ventilation systems are operating properly and providing effective air filtration to reduce airborne transmission of viruses.

Monitoring in Action: Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for a Safe Return to Office

Ensuring superior air quality within a building has never been more important, as building managers and companies grapple with how to safely bring employees and customers back on site during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a 750,000 sq. ft. Class A commercial office building, insights generated from SmartKit AI revealed a ventilation issue with one tenant’s HVAC unit. When the unit was cooling, particulate matter increased and air quality declined, clearly indicating that a filter needed to be replaced. Because of SmartKit AI’s remote monitoring capabilities and real-time alerts, building staff were automatically notified of the ventilation issue, enabling them to quickly remedy the situation before it negatively impacted air quality.

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